Monday, July 19, 2010

Coptic headbands

As you may remember - somewhere hidden deeply in a dark corner of your mind, in case it didn't get lost completely, but I won't blame you if so - I won an instructional book about how to make coptic headbands written by buechertiger way back in february. In case you already asked yourself whether I will ever put it to use or have forgotten it, well then, here is the answer ...

No, I definitively haven't.

and another detail shot ...

I hope, I did everything right - in case anyone might notice some mistakes, just tell me, since it is the first time I did those so-called simple two-colored coptic headbands. Anyway, it was fun doing them, and I felt that they add some sturdiness to the finished coptic bound book besides looking very decorative.


  1. Oh, they look great! - I am glad you found the time to try the headbands :-) I love your choice of colors for the books and headbands!
    It looks to me like you did all right.

  2. By the way, I tried long to leave a comment, and have had several strange error messages. In the end I had to use my google account, name+url didn't seem to work :-(

  3. So beautiful, I wish I could stroke the binding - amazing what can be done with just paper and thread.

  4. Thank you, Hilke, for the *review* and the comment - sorry for the problems with commenting, but thank you for mentioning it! It's strange because I did not add any limitations, so everyone (even anonymous without account) should be able to comment ... guess this needs to be watched (as far as this is possible) ...

    Thank you, Zoya. :) You should see Hilkes bindings, you can find her blog here!

  5. These are really lovely, as is the rest of your work. Thanks for commenting on my post, I'm glad it lead me to your blog!