Saturday, October 31, 2009


Darkness has fallen and so Halloween begins... A happy and creepy Halloween to the monster in you.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Autumn floating in...

... yes, I know, autumn came already quite some weeks ago, but so far I still managed to hold onto the bright summer colors. Well, that's over now. The reason is a present for a book loving friend, who hopefully will become the author of her own book one day - at least this is a dream of hers. So I made a book in a more or less autumnal color scheme (hope she still likes purple!) to put down all of her ideas onto paper instantly - and what is needed besides paper to do so? Pencils, right? Therefor this book has a *built-in* pencil case in the sideflap sewn in a contrasting purple fabric.

Happy birthday D and I hope you will have a great party.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last weeks ups and downs...

... came for me in a full color scale from purple to red. Some colors in-between were missing, though, mostly due to the new behavior of my personal satan - the new nickname for my sewing machine which definitely ruined some covers during the sewing process. I hope I can overcome this tricky behavior and it will turn into a nice behaving sewing machine again. But when you have a closer look at the red satin book, you will see that the front fabric also looks crumpled, this time mostly due to my lack of sewing experience concerning patches *~*  So, there is still a long way for me to go, to do things right and to make them turn out the way I originally had in mind - or at least close to this ;)

So, no light yellow and green this week except a work in progress piece combining a mellow yellow theme and my personal favorite: a line related theme.

Yes, I definitely love lines. Simple line art can express anything when used in right way as shown in a very impressive way by tape artist Chris Hosmer. All those great images are made with different tapes - which means a real limitation to line itself. Just a tiny glimpse of his work below, called "Africa 2", which I think is really great in perspective and color choice, but there is so much more to see on his blog:

Well, onto fighting the demon in my sewing machine, we will see who won the next few days...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's here

The sweet Fioleta from The Floating Dreams did send me a postcard she picked up at a bookbinding exhibition in Oxford lately to inspire me on my journey in bookbinding. And see what I am holding in my hand: it arrived today, yeah! British post didn't go on strike on this one, and the postman here did really find my mail box (he does not always do so, unfortunately ...).

So thank you, Fioleta - I will see, what I can do not to dissapoint you ;)
You brightened up my day and made me smile :)

A Tuesday in town ...

feels so grey today.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mr. Green O'Crab

Let me introduce Mr. O'Crab, Green O'Crab, to you. He might look a bit odd, but believe me, he is quite funny and a very nice being. The only thing with him is that he is always longing for ink or a pencil to tickle his belly full of 200 limegreen and tropical blue lightweight pages. But when he sees no one around, he securly closes his mouth with bright white thick cotton cords - but be aware: he always keeps his limegreen button eyes on anything that goes on around him, they are never closed! But if you treat him well and stroke his flower print fabric back from time to time, he will be a trustworthy friend...


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tropical snow

What a day... didn't I talk about the *rainy* season lately? Well, replace the rain with snow and here you go. Since I am really not that much into snow - mostly because it is intrisically tied to cold weather - I prefer to hide myself as much as possible behind my desk with a nice huge cup of hot coffee, thinking of something else than snow. There will still be enough time to enjoy the winter, but not yet, at least I am not willed to do so yet ;)

 So, I finished another softcover fabric book whose components laid around for quite a while now, but which was perfect for a little vacation for the eyes - seeing bright tropical blue and limegreen paper in combination with a white cotton fabric strewn with nice flower prints lets you instantly forget the freezing cold outside. Offwhite satin cords, which are used to close the book, bring in a warm shine which reminds me of shells I always pick up when I am at a beach. To add contrast, the edges are stiched with a dark teal that reflects the depth of the ocean where the shadows slowly creep into the light turquoise water....

Oh, how I wish I could be at a warm sunny beach now...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Red against Moby

Currently, I am making a miniseries of three softcover notebooks painted in red - ahem, besides all the other more or less book-related ideas and projects, which are starting to form a rising wall around me, so it might be wise to work on those projects rather than starting new ones *ah, focus focus*... Otherwise the piles might silently fall down on me and bury me. Although it would not hurt that much since the piles are made of fabric, it might complicate daily life......

Nevertheless, I try to get the series done. Last time's red poppies became abstract circles, this time's inspiring grass became quiet striped, and the third motiv already drifted away to a completely abstract construct. Maybe it is a mixture of grass and underwater landscape which I am doing in a parallel project. At the moment, I like the poppies the best - perhaps because poppies of all colours are one of my favorite flowers since they are so delicate and fragile but yet intense.

The seastar is part of the underwater project I mentioned above; the greenish-yellowish in-process-something (a sunflower yellow in reality, not as orange as it appers to be on the photo) next to it was inspired by the love for a sixties yellow mellow mood that suddenly overcame me when I was listening to Moby this evening. Ah, and again another project started... *remember: don't listen to the music - focus focus*

Well, I am off to sort things out and get them done ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Red ribbons

This time something about my newest adventure - bookbinding. Since I am quiet new to this I am still trying this and that and everthing without a certain direction - well, at least yet. ;) Inspired by red poppies and using my favorite colour scheme of black, white and red, I made a softcover notebook with 120 plain white pages of slightly heavy drawing paper. For this book, I tore all pages apart at all sides to give the egdes some texture and a soft touch so that the egde of the textblock feels somewhat like fabric or as soft as the red felt, which forms the *inside* part of the cover.

The ribbons which are used for closure have a very nice fishbone weave and are made of cotton. They are still very long, mostly for decorational purposes, but for now I will leave them as they are since cutting them off is far easier than  cutting them *on* ;)

And one more important thing: A big thank you to the nice Fioleta who already mentioned me on her blog and contineously supported me right from the start since I made (and am still making ;) ) my first steps into the world of the internet. Thank you, Denise.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preparing for the rainy season

Yes, its already october - the rainy season is approaching fast. So what? Make the grey rain bearable with a tiny bit of colour to cheer you up! For me, todays colour was a pale, but bright pink - so I made this little tissue pocket to cheer me up on days like today, when it is raining the whole day long and you see nothing but thick grey clouds.

And yeah, my first entry! Nothing big, but its a start. Hope, your day has had some colour in it, too, bye, Denise.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A brand new start

Hello and welcome to this very fresh, tiny blog by me - who's me? Hum, this is a good question, but I would describe me as a *ahem* slightly chaotic, often day-dreaming, eclectic mind with two nearly neversleeping, creative hands and - at least my family says so ;) - a huge heart...
Helplessly loving art, nature, photography and handmade things, I constantly create all different sorts of things in our nice little flat under the eaves where I live together with my lovely husband and two very fury, but incredibly cute little bunnies. So, this blog will be about all the things I hope still to create and other things I am interested in.
For the moment, please be a little patient with me, since I am now doing my very first steps into the world of the blogs, but after all, I simply hope you will enjoy reading this blog. :)