Monday, November 23, 2009

Back... or: How I have been kissed by a car and turned 18...

Hello out there. I admit I have been a little bit absent lately, but I still exist ;)
The past two weeks gap of posting was not really planned it just happened as days passed by...

The first week was spent at my parents home - I was visiting them for the whole week because it was my mom`s birthday and I had not been there for nearly half a year which made me realize how incredibly fast and unnoticed time flies by. This week was full of non-adventures and an out-of-service access to the internet, therefore getting kissed by a car was literally the *highlight*. Don`t worry, nothing serious happened, but when the grandpa who maneuvered his car precisely into the front of our car just came up with a tiny "Oh, I am sorry, but I can see no damage, do I really need to give you my address?" my "Yes, you need to do so!" included a little bit more than just a polite request for his address - although I wouldn`t have seen any damage myself, too, if I had tried to - dark as it was and with his bad eyes and such strong glasses - however, he also had not seen us in the first place when he was driving and went into reverse for whatever reason (with us lights on and standing still 2 meters away from him...). But enough of complaining...

Well, nevertheless, I was not totally lazy that week and did more than just watching TV and enjoying family ;). Since I had wisely taken some fabric and my paints with me, I managed to paint some more bookcovers.

Well, unfortunately, the last week back home was way less productive than I had hoped it to be. To tell the truth, I did nearly nothing due to a stupid but persistent cold/infection/whatever. Although my stomach still feels like it is enjoying endless private rides on a rollercoaster, I am much better... :)
Being slightly ill also seems to make me look way younger than I actually am (and unfortunately: feel). When I did some daily shopping I added a bottle of wine to the list - and guess what: I was asked if I am already allowed to do so!?!? Buying such things is restricted to matured persons of the age of 18 and above in Germany, so I would not have mind it anyway if I were 21 or even 25. But since I already turned 18 quite some days ago (ahem, more than a decade.... ), I really thought she was kidding me. No joking, the lady was serious!

Well, the moral is that it is at least way better to remain in a youthful stage than to hurry to look your age, isn`t it?


  1. Poor you, I sympathize as I was sick all last week as well and feeling unwell in so many different ways.

    The new painted bookcovers are gorgeous. Can I ask what method you use or is it a trade secret?

    I haven't bought alcohol for about two years now, but was often asked for ID previously. Looking young is nice, though sometimes it has its own drawbacks as people make wrong assumptions.

  2. I so much know what you mean about those wrong assumptions and the ID card. *sigh*

    I also hope that you (and Katya) will be well soon. Thinking of those *different ways* it seems and feels like we have quite some things in common...

    And the painting method: I am just using fabric paint (Brand: Marabu) and a brush on pre-washed (preferably thick) cotton. The patterns are done spontaneously out of my mind - I sometimes do a pencil sketch, sometimes not. Finally the shapes are lined in black with a textile pen - I only use japanese ones with thick, highly pigmented inks. Well, that`s it, so no secrets here ;)