Monday, November 30, 2009

Good and bad?

Well, at the moment, I am slowly caught up into thinking about the Christmas presents I have/want to make. There is sewing, drawing, bookbinding ... on my list, and of course buying some presents, but I haven't thought about that too much yet. Oh my, and days are flying by so fast currently, that I really wish my day could have 48 hours instead of 24.

Anyway, I took some time to do the decoration for Christmas. The gingerbread men and bisquits of my last post are *in action* now, sleeping peacefully in our Christmas decoration. Although they looked so yummy, they would be a little fuzzy when eating them, so I made some *real* cookies this weekend. Unfortunately, they definitely won't last as long as the gingerbread men, but I am okay with that ;)

Well, that was the good part. Onto the bad one... I am planning to do some ink drawings in the next few days, or at least until Christmas, as a present, therefore I did some little *practice pieces* to get used to ink and pen again, because I feel like I haven't done so for ages ... The outcome is ... well, see for yourself, let's just call it a little bit misshaped - or a happy little accident ;)

Seems like I am having a little hiatus in bookmaking, since I am only posting other crafts lately, but I will return to the books - I promise.

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