Friday, January 22, 2010

So slow

Hello again, out there. Everything around me feels just like a blank canvas which needs to be filled, same way as with this blog which I have been slightly neglecting during the past few days. Posting was postponed because we are (still) figuring out and building a new workspace for me - besides throwing some new paint onto the walls. All my stuff has been crammed into a tiny corner, so that I won't be crafting anything anytime soon. I'd like to show you our 3D Tetris (for those who still know this game - it was one of my favorites ...) - literally piles of boxes and boxes - but, ahem, my card reader is somewhere in there ... So, no photos for now, maybe later.

I also will show you some fabric printings I have been doing before the *big chaos* started which were inspired by the fabulous Elizabeth Hartman from Oh, Fransson! I so much want to bring more color into our home, and her new quilt along would be just perfect to do so, only, I am lacking all those bright colors. So I came up with my own solution, but more of it (hopefully) next week ;)

For now, I will be taking a break - at least from crafting - diving back into the fumes of freshly painted wood and walls.

Have a nice weekend everyone, Denise.


  1. Do you feel excited about your new work space, but frustrated at the inability to create now?

    My studio space was half unpacked for about six months. I finally realised that it was very unproductive constantly searching for equipment and supplies and decided to start sorting everything into its correct space. Now I just need to find some storage containers - I may just have enough space for all my stash. Good luck with your re-organisation

  2. Well, it's both right now - for different reasons. Exitement, because I can make a space perfectly according to my wishes, but frustration at the same time because of obstacles such as unsupportive walls when you want shelving... I am really seeing forward to get things finished (one day ;).