Friday, January 29, 2010

Simple colors

Back in time, just before the weekend - and still fighting with paint and chaos *sigh*. But at least, I am progressing - *yay* for that :). And I am keeping the promise, and will show you what I have been working on just before I took my vacation in Chaosland.

All of them are fabric prints on natural, unbleached cotton, made with all kinds of materials I had at hand: potatos (released my inner child), rubber stamps, cardbord rolls, buttons, foam and plastic packaging, cork from a wine bottle - see, really anything works. Although I am not sure yet if I dare to cut the prints down or use them as whole pieces ... Anyway, here are some colorful candies for your eyes - the icy blue, light pistacio green and light purple ones are my favorites, what are yours?

Have a colorful weekend :)


  1. gorgeous! I like a lotof the prints in the 2nd picture!

  2. Some really lovely prints. Can I ask how you made the black lines/small circles? Did you draw them with a pen or are they also printed?

  3. Thank you for the compliment, Rossie, it is great you stepped by!

    Yes, the black parts are drawn with a fabric marker - some free-hand, some using a template - it is after all a real simple approach to introduce some sort of contrast and everything is very(!) experimental (unfortunately no screen-printing).