Thursday, February 4, 2010

A present on my otherwise empty desk

Yesterday, a letter full of motivation arrived. It is a nice present, now laying on my desk, from the bookbinding artist buechertiger who hosted a give-away on her blog to share her birthday with her readers. Surprisingly, I was the lucky winner. If you are interested in bookbinding or anything related with it - such as paste paper and the making of it - just head over and have a look! You will find a lot of interesting tips and hints on those and a lot more subjects. 

This *reverse birthday present* is a book about different ways to make coptic headbands, it is filled with detailed descriptions and a lot of easy-to-follow photos. I am really looking forward to trying it! Thanks again, buechertiger!

Only, given the current state of my workspace which is still an empty desk in a corner rather than a real workspace, I guess I will have to be patient until everything is finished. And well, if you think, hey there's a lot of space to work on - then you are right. But: there is nothing to work with ... *sigh* I am in constant *search mode* for all my tools which seem to play hide-and-seek with me right now ... But I still can withstand their attempt at driving me crazy ;)

As I mentioned, I am progressing. Our new shelves are finished and have also already passed their *bunny security test*, so the niche behind the desk will soon be filled (or cluttered up, who knows) and the coming weekend will hopefully be used to add/build the last missing items. I am finally looking forward to replacing the screwdriver with needles and the saw with a more delicate cutting tool. :)


  1. I am glad to hear that it reached you safely. I hope you will find the time, and the supplies to try some of the headbands!

    Viel Freude beim Ausprobieren! Grüße vom
    Büchertiger Hilke


  2. How lucky of you to win.
    I like your work space, it looks very clean and light.

  3. Thanks again, Hilke - I will give my best :)

    Thanks Fioleta - it *still* looks like this, but I am not sure, how long I can manage to keep it in such a *clean* way, since my desk usually looks very different from this ... ;)