Monday, December 7, 2009


... is the color of december - at least when you are looking outside. The skies are blue with all different shades of white and grey in them, the snow and the ice are shining blue in the fading twilight of the evening hours ... With the bright summer colors gone and nearly no green left, blue sometimes seems to be the only color left. So, I tried to be inspired by all this blue ...

This was my view this weekend when I woke up at my parents in law's house - enjoying the misty morning light and a great december *winter wonder land* view. And here are some things I did the last days, besides making again *millions* of different cookies for my mother in law and painting some walls - no, not in blue this time ;):

 Words woven into water - a series of watercolor and ink drawings on heavy, nicely textured watercolor paper and a blue star, whose pattern I found on Ravelry, it is called Celestine Crochet. It will hopefully have found a new owner until Christmas since it will become a present.

I hope, you all had a nice weekend and you are not having a too blue monday ...


  1. I love German villages, they look exactly the same as I imagined them to be when I read various German fairytales.

  2. This is so true for this little village where my parents in law live - a forrest right behind the house, deers and squirrels often visiting the garden (no joke), little houses scattered here and there on the hillsides of a lovely valley... Staying there is like an instant holiday.