Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Too much playing around ...

Well, I have been doodling yesterday evening - again ... Originally, I intended to do something useful while I had to wait for some ink and water dyed papers to dry, but I ended up loosing focus - again ...

And the result itself? Way too swirly in my opinion - not really my style after all - too *unstraight*, but I was reminded of Christmas by the *deer* in the center so I went ahead with *kitsch*. But isn't doodling all about playing with a pencil while trying not to think about it too much? At least, I am still trying to get the concept behind *doodling*, since I only got in touch with it recently. So far, I only knew real sketches to train your view or your imagination, as a prepation stage in a process of creating art, or real artwork ... But where to put something like that? Well, personally, I used to put things like that into the waste bin, considered to be an embarrassment. The way you see it, will be left up to you.

Maybe a colored digital version in a cool color scheme might make it bearable, but I don't think there will be time for such a time consuming process soon.

I feel, like I drifted away too much lately, so I should start to get serious again.


  1. I think you are way too critical of yourself! I took online creative journal class awhile back and the best thing I learned from it is to put items like that and photos and all the various snippets of the ideas into a journal since you never know when and how various things will finally fall into their right place inside your mind and produce wonderful new art/craft idea.

  2. Maybe you are right. I also tried to always put things into a journal, but quite often I think the idea is not worth of putting it into a journal or I simply fail at that, because writing everything into a journal feels too much like a diary - and I have never been a real *diary type*.