Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hey, how cool!

This december, the German branch of SciFi channel hosted an online drawing contest to celebrate the launch of the television series "Sanctuary" in Germany. You could draw simple "monsters" online in a small active drawing window. I participated under my name and my husband's name - well, I didn't know back then, that I could post more than one monster ... But as life is, always expect the unexpected!
One of the monsters, I drew and donated under my husband's name - the "Hey, it's me - monster" - actually made it into a real design for shirts, bags and so on which are now sold for a charity project! Just have a look at the SciFi shop.

How cool is that? It's so cool to see your own stuff somewhere in a real shop, on real objects. A nice late Christmas present.


  1. Oh my god! Congratulations :-D I'm really happy for you

  2. Thank you, it was a real huge surprise, because in the start it was a contest where one could win something for oneself - I was originally aiming for a drawing by Robert Picardo. Well, now I am sipping my coffee out of a monster cup :D