Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tropical snow

What a day... didn't I talk about the *rainy* season lately? Well, replace the rain with snow and here you go. Since I am really not that much into snow - mostly because it is intrisically tied to cold weather - I prefer to hide myself as much as possible behind my desk with a nice huge cup of hot coffee, thinking of something else than snow. There will still be enough time to enjoy the winter, but not yet, at least I am not willed to do so yet ;)

 So, I finished another softcover fabric book whose components laid around for quite a while now, but which was perfect for a little vacation for the eyes - seeing bright tropical blue and limegreen paper in combination with a white cotton fabric strewn with nice flower prints lets you instantly forget the freezing cold outside. Offwhite satin cords, which are used to close the book, bring in a warm shine which reminds me of shells I always pick up when I am at a beach. To add contrast, the edges are stiched with a dark teal that reflects the depth of the ocean where the shadows slowly creep into the light turquoise water....

Oh, how I wish I could be at a warm sunny beach now...

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