Saturday, October 10, 2009

Red against Moby

Currently, I am making a miniseries of three softcover notebooks painted in red - ahem, besides all the other more or less book-related ideas and projects, which are starting to form a rising wall around me, so it might be wise to work on those projects rather than starting new ones *ah, focus focus*... Otherwise the piles might silently fall down on me and bury me. Although it would not hurt that much since the piles are made of fabric, it might complicate daily life......

Nevertheless, I try to get the series done. Last time's red poppies became abstract circles, this time's inspiring grass became quiet striped, and the third motiv already drifted away to a completely abstract construct. Maybe it is a mixture of grass and underwater landscape which I am doing in a parallel project. At the moment, I like the poppies the best - perhaps because poppies of all colours are one of my favorite flowers since they are so delicate and fragile but yet intense.

The seastar is part of the underwater project I mentioned above; the greenish-yellowish in-process-something (a sunflower yellow in reality, not as orange as it appers to be on the photo) next to it was inspired by the love for a sixties yellow mellow mood that suddenly overcame me when I was listening to Moby this evening. Ah, and again another project started... *remember: don't listen to the music - focus focus*

Well, I am off to sort things out and get them done ;)


  1. So you listen to music while crafting? I love having music on, but preferably without words - words distract me too much.

  2. Well, usally I prefer music without words or no music at all, too, because I tend to listen closely to the words, I can't really ignore them. One way is that the music fits the *theme* I am working on or otherwise the result is something like the one above - a chaotic and distracted mixture of everything. Since we are two here in the evening, we are listening to music that we both like... with and without words...