Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preparing for the rainy season

Yes, its already october - the rainy season is approaching fast. So what? Make the grey rain bearable with a tiny bit of colour to cheer you up! For me, todays colour was a pale, but bright pink - so I made this little tissue pocket to cheer me up on days like today, when it is raining the whole day long and you see nothing but thick grey clouds.

And yeah, my first entry! Nothing big, but its a start. Hope, your day has had some colour in it, too, bye, Denise.


  1. That is adorable!!! I'm not a tissue user (I tend to crassly head for the bathroom and use TP), but that little container ought to be good for something else.... I love the look of it.

    I dropped by from Fioleta's blog, and must say that your "About Me" bit is very appealing and charming.

  2. Thank you Annie for such a compliment for my "About Me" bit :)